abergelli power

The Project

The Abergelli Power project would be situated on land in the northern part of the City and County of Swansea, approximately 1 km southeast of Felindre, 760 m west of Llwyncelyn and 1.4 km north of Llangyfelach. The proposed project site (grid ref. 265284, 201431) is located within fields used for grazing, bounded by a mixture of drainage ditches, fencing and defunct hedgerows. There is a large amount of utilities infrastructure in the area. Gas and water pipelines cross the Project site and there is also a network of electricity pylons in the wider area.

Key details about the Project

The main elements of the proposed Project include:

  • The construction, operation and maintenance of a simple cycle gas turbine power generation plant with a rated electrical output of up to 299MW;
  • The site for the power generation plant covers an area of approximately 6ha and is located on land adjacent to the National Grid gas compressor station at Abergelli Farm, Felindre, Swansea;
  • The power generation plant will have up to 5 stacks, each up to 40m in height;
  • The construction of a new underground pipeline to bring natural gas to the power generation plant from the existing National Gas Transmission System located nearby;
  • The construction of a new underground electrical connection to export electricity from the power generation plant to the existing Swansea North electricity substation located nearby;
  • The route for accessing the Project site is yet to be finalised. Two possible options are being evaluated. The first option is to extend the existing road to National Grid’s Swansea North substation, which is accessed via the B4489 to the west of the power generation plant site. The alternative option is to use the existing road to Abergelli Farm via Rhyd-y-Pandy Road, giving access to the site from the north; and
  • Subject to public consultation, planning and financing, the Project could enter commercial operation in 2019/2020.

Two indicative visualisations of the Abergelli Power project are shown below.

Abergelli indicative visual 02