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Proposal to build a gas-fired power station

Abergelli Power Limited (APL) proposes to develop a gas-fired electricity generation project on land located at Abergelli Farm, south of Felindre, adjacent to the National Grid Gas Compressor Station and to the north of the M4 motorway.

The Project includes a power generation plant and its electrical and gas connections. The Project would have a rated electrical output of up to 299MW. The power generation plant is designed to provide back-up generation capacity which can operate flexibly to respond quickly and efficiently to both short-term variation in customer demand and intermittent output from renewable power generation. It is anticipated that it will operate for no more than 1500 hours per year.

APL has been acquired by Drax Group to develop the Project. Drax is seeking to develop electricity generation projects at Abergelli Farm and elsewhere in south Wales and the UK to support the UK Government’s drive to a low carbon economy.

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